Wednesday, April 13, 2011


November 2010:

Buddy LOVES shoes!  He really, truly loves them!  He is always carrying some around, whether they be the girls or ours.  One day, I was looking for him because he was being a little quiet, and this is what I found...

Putting on some Mommy shoes!  He was holding himself up so he didn't fall over! 
Such a cutie!  Cheese Buddy!!! 

Daddy was in charge!

November 2010: 

The day after the syrup incident, I left to take the girls to school.  Buddy was still eating, so I had Jonathan stay and hang out with him.  Well, he decided that Buddy was still hungry and he knew that he liked jelly, so...

he learned that he shouldn't let him feed himself jelly... time for another bath!!!  Silly daddy!!!

Got syrup?

November 2010:

I made pancakes for breakfast. After I got the kids food on the table I ran upstairs to change my clothes.  When I came down, I looked over at Buddy to see how he was doing.  Well, he had finished his pancakes... and this is what I saw...

Do you think he likes syrup?  He had licked that plate CLEAN of any trace of that sticky goodness. 

Lets just say he wasn't thrilled that I took his plate away from him... but look at his face/hair!  What a mess!  But a cute, sweet mess... so I guess it wasn't as bad as it could be!

At one point, the plate covered his whole face, and he had a hard time moving it down.  We had to do an emergency bath tub with daddy because the smell was just TOO much! 

What a stinker!

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010:

We love Halloween!  This year we started in September and decorated our house... inside and out!  We had two graveyards, a skeleton ghost, a scarecrow with eyes that lit up at night and lots of other really cool things.  We had people coming by and complimenting our decor until after we took it down.  It was our best yet!

But, here were the highlights for us:

Daddy, the master carver about to create a masterpiece!

The final masterpieces!  The girls were thrilled!!

The Johnson's can't have Halloween without going to Macey's to start off our Trick or Treating for the day!

Look at those crazies!!!  This was the first year that Jonathan and I went all out!  We loved it and the kids had a blast with us all dressed up. 

Beene the Spider Witch and Julles the Pretty Pink Kitty!  So Cute.
T- I- double G- er!  That is the cutest little Tigger I've ever seen!!  (I might be a  little biased though!)
Keeping up with tradition, we went to see Miss Amy!  We love her, and she loves these kiddo's!  She loads them up with loves and sugar and then we go home for the night!  She is ALWAYS the last stop!! 

Jason had a Marching Band compitition at USU that afternoon, so we took the kids to my nieces for a few hours because it was POURING rain!  We didn't make it last year and we never heard the end of it... so we made sure we were there, screaming our hearts out!  They took 3rd place.  They sounded amazing and their form was spot on!  It made his day that we made it.  He called us later to quiz us on what had happend.  I also had to tell him what coupon was on the back of the ticket... like we would lie about it!  Geez!!  We're glad that it was in Logan, so we could go!  Thanks to Sarah for watching the kids too!! 

We hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!  

Buddy and his Nemisis!

October 2010:

This is what happens when Buddy see's his Nemisis...

Because you don't have audio photo's... I will tell you it is a blood curddeling scream! 
 He is deathly afraid of...

His nemisis... he doesn't even like to be anywhere near it even when it is off... he really HATES it!!!

Joseph and Laurie get married...

September 17, 2010

Oh how we anticipated this woderful day.   Our hard work paid off!  It was a gorgeous sunny day, not too hot... not too chilly.  We had it at Birch Creek Golf Course in Smithfield, and it was beautiful.  The sun came in through the window's and at times was  a little too bright in the eyes (while we were walking down the aisle), but it all came together well. 

I will spare you all the details.  But, I wanted to share these pictures with you.  Pictures were taken by Joseph's uncle Don Muirhead.  These are not the edited (by him) ones, just by me... :)  Enjoy! 

Joseph looked so handsome!  Made us a little teary!

Cute little April was cheesing it up for the photographers and all the people around the table trying to get her to smile!  She was so cute and fun!

April walked her Daddy down the aisle... well, actually he walked her down... but it was precious all the same! 

Laurie and her Dad, Mike walking down the aisle.  He's about to give his little girl away!

The Best Men... Jason (l) and Jeremy (r)

Holding hands!  Cute!

"You may now kiss the bride!!"  Yay!!

Introducing Mr and Mrs. Joseph Johnson

April and the rings (in her flower... that I made :))

The cake...

Cutting the cake.  They were nice when they fed eachother!! 

Joseph, April and Laurie Johnson!!!

We love them oh so very much and loved celebrating with them! 

Jared and Meagan get married!

August 2010:

On August 14, 2010 Jonathan's nephew got married. 

This handsome guy is Jared... he's our nephew! 

This is Meg... she is GORGEOUS and we are so glad to have her in our family!

They got married in the Oakland Temple and it looks like it was beautiful!  We weren't able to make it out there, but we celebrated here in Utah a few days later.

I loved their cake... the little picture on top and then... CUPCAKES!!  Yum!

After partying it up with family and friends, they rode thier bikes to a B&B just down the road.  Everyone lined the walk holding sparklers!  It was sooo them!  Beautiful!

The girls were asked to be Flower Girls for the reception in Utah.  They were so excited to be apart of such a special day.  Jonathan's sister, Lori got them these beautiful Cinderella dresses, and they looked amazing!  Here is Meg with our niece Jaclyn and then Beene and Julles.  Such a pretty group of girls!

Congratulations Jared and Meg!